Sunday, May 20, 2012

The start

Heading to the start wearing our shiny Android shirts


Don't ask us why, but apparently it's Christmas in May 

Moody's start of leg 1 at 12:30

He's being chased by women

Michael to Manja

The moment, at TA24

 The preparation, with most wearing our cool Android hoodies, since it was 7:20 and quite cold

Van 2 decorations

Slinkies in Google colours! This is what they were invented for.

Eric would be proud of this!

Work in progress

Back by popular demand

Chrome wheels are now a Flying Donut staple

Water, water everywhere

Insane runners will be insane and jump in insanely cold water.

Rudi, ready for the first leg

And before the long and sweltering third leg

Van 2 Lighting Madness

Have you ever seen this many glow sticks lit up all at once? You could use them as a reading light or flashlight. Wait, that's what we actually did.

This is what it looked like a night (even more visible when the indoor lights were off)

It's fairly obvious that whoever at Ford designed this van, they put that groove all around it to accomodate your glow sticks.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Justin's tiny beer cup is adorable

He says if you only drink your Red Hook IPA out of a little baby cup, you can't get drunk. But I am 95% sure that isn't true.

This is how it's done:

Sprint to the finish!

The triumphant finish!

Reunited at the finish line! Ajay and I decided we hadn't gotten in quite enough miles, so we backtracked one mile from the finish to meet Zi along the course. We ended up serving ourselves up a bit more punishment than we had bargained for; Zi, encouraged by our unanticipated appearance, proceeded to crush the final mile in six minutes while we struggled to keep pace. The rest of the team joined up gradually over the course of the final 400 meters and we all sprinted into the chute together for a final time of 23:38. We averaged a 7:04 pace and finished fifth place overall and first place in the corporate and men's open divisions.
Yowza! Definitely the fastest relay team I've ever run with, and probably also the most stylish with our custom shirts and matching Droid hoodies and Google Play sunglasses. What a crew! Now it's time to hit the burrito stand and the beer tent for some replenishment and celebration.

Ceiling pretzel - ac vent

Empty and clean potties

This is what happens when you are one of the first few teams to reach the transition area

Travis midway through his last leg

Consider this beach REACHED

To paraphrase Akon: damn, you's a sexy beach. We're among the first vans to arrive, so it's quiet and peaceful. We're soaking up some rays and listening to the soothing sounds of the ocean surf as we await the opening of the beer tent and the arrival of van 2.

Would you run to me, Travis?

Waiting for Travis midway through his final leg

Shaan to Travis TA33

Great form.

Raj post last leg

And the other half of the van


Van 1 is officially done! After a well-deserved breakfast of egg and cheese sandwiches, we are zooming ahead to the finish line at Horseneck Beach to enjoy a few cold brews and stretch out on the sand while we wait for van 2. Ajay and I are up front cranking the party tunes, but the rest of the crew is passed out in the back... hopefully they will rally for the post-race celebrations.

Shaan ready for his last leg.

It is getting hot.

Welcome to Team Done

Van 1 makes the final hand off to Van 2

TA 29 - Meredith to Mike

Van 1's last leg. 5/6 in Club Done!

TA 29. Monzy to Meredith

They so fast you can't see em!

How fast can you run 8 miles?

Monzy can run it faster.