Saturday, May 19, 2012

The triumphant finish!

Reunited at the finish line! Ajay and I decided we hadn't gotten in quite enough miles, so we backtracked one mile from the finish to meet Zi along the course. We ended up serving ourselves up a bit more punishment than we had bargained for; Zi, encouraged by our unanticipated appearance, proceeded to crush the final mile in six minutes while we struggled to keep pace. The rest of the team joined up gradually over the course of the final 400 meters and we all sprinted into the chute together for a final time of 23:38. We averaged a 7:04 pace and finished fifth place overall and first place in the corporate and men's open divisions.
Yowza! Definitely the fastest relay team I've ever run with, and probably also the most stylish with our custom shirts and matching Droid hoodies and Google Play sunglasses. What a crew! Now it's time to hit the burrito stand and the beer tent for some replenishment and celebration.